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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Give and take

Curiosa and I have a new division of labor in our home. She is responsible for everything, except for killing the dust bunnies under the couch and bed. It's my job to sweep them up and catch them in my fur, and then she'll brush them out of me. Great deal, huh?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Curiosa is mad because I'm getting more comments on my blog than she is one hers.

Seems like people like cute cats more than they like cute bloggers.

Of course, if she'd drop this ridiculous mysterious alter ego business and post pictures of herself, she might get more comments too!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Image hosted by

See, I even know how to work the camera!!
All it takes is a nose and a roaming paw...

Upside down

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Lah dee dah

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Image hosted by

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IKEA here we come

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Every good Swedish kitty does his shopping at Sweden's famous home furnishings store.
(And the best part is, of course, the bag!!)

"Puss" means "kiss" in Swedish

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I see you, can you see me?

The Proper Place for a Norwegian Forest Cat...

Image hosted by in a snowy forest, of course.

You Are My Sunshine

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Every little kitty needs a bright spot in his day. (5 weeks)

Tails from the Tub

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See Curiosa, I even knew how to give myself a bath when I was only three weeks old!

The Brady Bunch

Image hosted by Me and my sis Ulla at 9 weeks

Image hosted by

See how fast we've grown!! Ullrick and Ulla at 12 weeks

Who's 'yo daddy?

Image hosted by
That's not a cat, that's a lion!

Image hosted by

Rumor has it Pappa Viggen smoked too much cat nip in the late 90s.

'Yo Mamma!

Image hosted by

My Mamma, Fanny.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Rose by Any Other Name

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJust when I thought we had settled this naming me business, it seems that Curiosa has changed my name again. I thought we had agreed upon Sir Ullrick of Bumble Bee The III 1/2 as the official, full version. Just Ullrick is the everyday, simple version. (The bumble bee part comes from the fact that Curiosa says I'm her little bumble bee because I buzz around, bumbling into things). But today, she started calling me "You Little Sh*t!" I don't know why. I was just trying to help her make jewelry, and it's not my fault that a bottle of beads is infinitely more interesting than any of my furry cat toys. (Besides, I've already killed all of them, anyway, and at least two times). And yes, of course it had to go onto the floor since I know I'm not supposed to be up on the table.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pet Owners Beware

A clean litterbox is just a poop waiting to happen.

I think we should make t-shirts.

Friday, January 13, 2006

David Letterman Knows What He's Talking About

Top Ten Signs Your Kitty Is A Genius

10. Meows in six languages

9. He's the only one in your family who could assemble your Ikea coffee table

8. His whiskers are Bluetooth enabled

7. He only purrs when "Meet the Press" is on

6. Won 28 grand on "Jeopardy's Kitty Week"

5. He rigged it so he's got 10 lives

4. Earned the 2005 Nobel Prize in yarn-related sciences

3. Keeps putting the dog on Ebay

2. Not only calls 911 for you, also calls Z-100 whenever you need your Aerosmith fix

1. Winces everytime he hears George W. Bush say, "Nuke-yoo-lar"

Link nabbed from Eponine and Derby.


Curiosa and her mom on the phone

Curiosa: Today we took a bath. Tomorrow we're trying the new harness. Ullrick is going to be the best trained cat in the world.

Curiosa's Mom: Or you're going to be the best trained owner in the world.

See, Mom knows best. But Curiosa's mom was wrong about one thing though. Curiosa doesn't own me; I own her.

Puss in Boots

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMove over Garfield. My new favorite cartoon cat is Puss in Boots in Shrek II. He's the same color as me!

(Curiosa wants me to add it doesn't hurt that he has a sexy Spanish accent à la Antonio Banderas. Yeah, yeah. Whatever).

Image hosted by

"Pray for mercy from Puss... in boots."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tails from the Tub

Image hosted by Google is a big fat liar. Google says Norwegian Forest Cats are waterproof. Wrong wrong wrong. Operation-Bathe-Me this afternoon proved otherwise.

I have to share some images of my fellow felines who met the same fate since Curiosa's camera is DEFINTELY not waterproof.

She came home from the pet store with a big bag of what I thought were treats. There were treats, but it was really a great big gigantic farce to lull me into trusting her. She also had kitty shampoo. Dum dum dum.

First she tried the kitchen sink. Yeah, right. At first I thought she was just doing the dishes, but then again, she never does the dishes. She hates doing the dishes more than she hates cleaning out my litter box.

I didn't really believe it was happening. Surely, Curiosa wasn't really trying to put me into the sink with water in it. It had to be some kind of a misunderstanding.

I had enough of that after just getting my tootsies wet. I was outta there like a bolt of lightning. A sopping wet bolt of lightening.Image hosted by

I clung to Curiosa because she couldn't really have meant to put me in the water-filled sink. It must have been some kind of mistake. Surely she wouldn't try it again.

She wrapped me in a towel and carried me to the bathroom. Oh good, I thought, now it's over, and we can just put this whole bathing incident behind us. Wrong again.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

This time, we BOTH took a bath. Or rather, a shower. And so did the rest of the bathoom.

She got me, she did, but I made good and sure that Curiosa was as wet as I was.

Then, of all things, the silly girl thought she was going to blowdry me. I was having none of that! Now I'm hiding under the couch, glowering, and blogging. I pray to St. Gertrude that this never happens EVER again.

It's a jungle out there

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA jungle of boxes, that is.

Curiosa says that kittens are prozac for the soul.

Curiosa also said a BAD WORD today. BATH. If I don't like it when SHE takes a bath, why does she think I'll like it when she gives ME a bath?? Apparently, I don't do a very good job of getting the kitty litter out from between my toes and Curiosa says since I share her bed we're going to have to do something about that. I don't see what the big deal about sand is, but she says that she's the one in charge. Little does she know...

Any advice on how to make it a less tramautic experience for both of us? I know the best advice is to hide under the bed until she gets tired, but then she'll try and bait me with tuna. And sometimes my stomach speaks louder than my fear of water.

Know of anyway I can get tuna WITHOUT having to take a bath?

P.S. Curiosa says I can't call her mom. She's too young to be a mother. She's more like the cool aunt who spoils me rotten and lets me get a tatoo even when my parents say NO. But unlike a real aunt, she doesn't send me home when she gets tired of me. In fact, I don't think she EVER gets tired of me.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Or so they say. But I'm still alive and well, and I'm certainly curious.

Casa Curiosa is full of all sorts of interesting boxes to explore, since she just moved all of our stuff out of storage last week. Not fun for her, but lots of fun for me. Curiosa also hid all of her craft supplies in the drawer when she thought I wasn't watching. I've just been waiting for her to leave so I can explore the drawer as well.

Curiosa just wants to curl up and cuddle, but I'm too busy exploring my new domain. I'm wondering where my mom and sister and the rest of the kitties have gone. And there is another kitty here. I'm sure of it. I can smell her everywhere. Curiosa says she went home last week, but I'm positive she's waiting under the bed or the couch, waiting to pounce on me.

Curiosa says we'll do a photo session soon, so you can see lots of pictures of little 'ol me in my new home!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Homeward bound!

Tomorrow I make my grand entrance at Casa Curiosa!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Don't Mess With Me

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Blog tip: My Cat Hates You

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Can YOU touch YOUR nose?

My friend YoYo, who lives in Idaho with Curiosa's mother.

We're taking over the web!

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Blog tip: Mango Madness.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's what's on the inside that counts.

Bald Cat II
My friend Lovey. This is what happens when
you get yourself all tied up in knots.

Shaking my tail and snickering

I think these people have too much time on their hands.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTake, for example Kitten War. I like this site, since it's about being the cutest cat in the world. I'm certain I'd win if Curiosa ever submitted my picture.

Image hosted by Or, Stuff on My Cat. I personally think it would be funnier to see a site called "Stuff On My Owner."

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd then there's Cats In Sinks. According to the site, it's quite a simple concept: "What is Cats in Sinks? It's obvious. It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And basins." Sounds like a good idea to me. I like to sit in sinks and I'm photogenic. Why not?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd it's not just about my feline friends. Check out Bee Dogs." Woof woof.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd here's Airborne Cats. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying kitty!

A promise is a promise

Thanks be to St. Gertrude, thy patron saint of cats, Curiosa promised she'll never do this to me!!

Curiosa writes: "I'm a big fan of spoiling my pet to death, but there seems to be a point when "spoiling" is more for the amusement of the human involved than for the animal that is purportedly being spoiled. Do any of these pets look especially pleased to be wearing jewels or luxury accessories? The necklaces look like the kind of things I make that Kitty tries to help me with, by eating the wire. Yum yum."

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Puppies and pearls.

Image hosted by
No comment.

Image hosted by

I just dare you to try to take another one.